Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wow my bow

Miringbow wow

Im dying stuck on my room while rainy outside, tomorrow i must be at the college again at 7am morning sick ! as i know myself well as laziest girl at the planet im not giving exception for my bed time. But im wonderfully bored after whole day take a walk to lace store in this sunny afternoon. alone. well, see what i'll do for laugh myself now after day was ended.
im trying to made a pretty yet weird bow bun in my hair, got an experiment on my own head and apparently shown by lady gaga.hahaha.yerr. im not really like her actualy and cant making judgement by her music than support with her atittude but i love bow :D
the thing seen everlast from your baby blanket , kindergarten's uniform, pattern in your shirt , through my nanny's bag.hemm, really interesting to know this bow suddenly happened in your head not by silk or satin ribbon, but by my haiiirrr ..part of my body given by the most lovable's.. My Lord .thanks God ^^

it's messy, isnt it?

hahaha see im not "take a bow"


dheaditya's said...

gak aneh lucu
udah gak usah tidur
bsk kayak gitu ke kampuss

Aulia Fitrisari said...

emngnya manten bobo pake konde,si dea bisa aja ni ah :D sekalian aja paginya gausah ke kampus, tapi injek telor