Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dual system felt

HEYYY DARRLL..its been a week.. yerr, a couple of week i tot, im not post my blog since ive happily trip to many little town around Bandung for 3days, Cianjur, Ciwidey and Garut hmm. and now on, im in wonderful good mood to post something i liked on my page gaiinnn. ya, what im liking to?making something flattering my eyes ,my hand and my brain also. crafting please..
its about a long long day and hard week im not pushing my hand doing something again, and for the reason of summer, i was like"ur not productive, what ure doin 21 old girls..making something please, yayaya..the beginning is always today". ok, its all because merciful deep of my heart (hahah) i'll share you what i made about 3months ago (hemm, seems im not ready making somethin nowadays fuhh..i post my old project.
heheh,dont worry may its verry useful thing to wear for 3days different clothes, im gonna leave you pattern of my felt project.these back and forth felt brooch, just sew it simple, patch by safety's the pattern mix with my favorite simply useful black loose (its very easy to sew ownself)

for my fave front, i pick blue owl (OvO) kukuk..kuku..

just flip it and rotate , wiinkkk ! u have a new shirt with new red monster, feet becoming horn, horn becoming feet..hemm

hah .i actually made this one about 3years ago, therefore the design quite trendy bleeding eye.
hahah. very gothic when i adore japanese lolita much.

still with my fave loose. black and useful, u may have this one for travelling , easy to sew (made with ur basic top pattern with basic lump on chest) easy to match,comes everything easier with ur magicly lovely hand :D


ari said...

hmm..3 city?

Aulia Fitrisari said...

because we're no1 traveller