Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alexander Wang

cheers for this cool guy, kiss on the cheek , staring on his eyes, grab for the idea making things good.

Alexander Wang is known for his edgy, somewhat masculine womenswear designs, and his fashion shows are renowned as being a highlight of NY Fashion week (who's care NY Fashion week, but he really off to strong start)

and T from Wang collection seems perfect hanging on my closet (hmm zzz)

said that he want to create clothes that are timeless and classic (and ones i know making this sentence real is coco chanel for its classic timeless). yeap, ppl always wants investment pieces. than Wang's take on "timeless" means a classic gray sweatshirt , or cut short and boxy and worn over ecletic cutting. just like he's doin in his every familiar signature grunge girl, even its bit femine.

*too much grey black creme to love*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

shy love

who doesnt like to see two Lovebird

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love

even rockstar hard to deal with this ignorable chromosome

hippies also

if another people called this think just another sloopy-sentimental,how's your hormones work?
do you believe that happiness will only existed when it shared?

because i do

mind my own business
it isnt ashamed, but im shy

Friday, December 4, 2009

In front of window

I've catch myself in the corner of book store,sleepy waiting,when its should be a pleasure. I did feelin.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Debbie Harry is always young punk

"Hi, it's Deb. You know, when I woke up this morning I had a realization about myself. I was always Blondie. People always called me Blondie, ever since I was a little kid. What I realized is that at some point I became Dirty harry. I couldn't be Blondie anymore, so I became Dirty Harry"

we love flashback

Monday, November 30, 2009


I dont see what anyone can see in anyone else ,
but you.

fall in love with the killer machine

say hi to bruce lee wanna be

burn baby burn

it could be as cool as this ninja
why bawdy look pretty painful?ouch
reminds me of samurai x, and maybe a little Ninja Hatori

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sailor uniform

about 2 weeks ago, my college held a hearing in order to simulate the practice of diplomacy courses. not the court that I will tell ya because I have absolutely no interest in it :p but our uniforms. because with so much fun, ladies members of our delegation using sailor uniform that sewn by me <3>
I am also not really aware that Im back to sew sailor model for the second time, maybe my subconscious was hoping Prince Mamoru aka tuxedo mask actually came with red roses and wondering that he really found his usagi tsukino.
lenny and me as chibimoon and sailormoon :D
yaaaiiiyy so much love, when what you've did, appreciated by someone else :)

zoom in zoom in the collar beibiii

The most exhausting was the pattern-making process, because the size of the body that is completely different from lenny (s), me (m) and nana (l) actually requires me to measure and create 3 different patterns for all three

here we are the delegation of moon will punish you ! (akan menghukummu-red)

eh, btw this is the making process..happily share with you the mess moment :ptransfer pattern into fabric

this is not yet finished, but very guilty that nana's size put on chair as sarong(bwahahah, pissss nana)

I stitched 3 of them for 5 days in a hurry, because the bad habit of delaying the work so that, til the time i realized it must be finished well, my eyes should extraordinary sleepy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

live in caravan

someday i will live in caravan

beat the sunrise and i would go dance with my journey.
pushed it away with my own hands.
asleep inside and snoring hard. transit in front of hawaii shoreline,
then may be frightened that the water will tide.
moved to pasture fields, running with loved ones.
jostle with the beloved.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

where the wild things are ost

One! Two! Ready, GO!
really fun listen to where the wild things are ost, :) big thanks to miss.O whose weird things are woman :D Karen O the cool one i love ! from yeahyeahyeahs
all songs here suggested to listening, also the debut digital single 'All Is Love' sound like a choir of kids are singing along and to a degree, they are. The band on the album is billed as Karen O and the Kids. From the storybook named same, where the wild things are, MOTION PICTURE IN THEATERS OCTOBER 16 hardly waiting to indonesia :) and its hard to stoppin me smiling while listening this ost :)
The songs on this soundtrack vary widely in tone and style. Some songs feature acoustic guitar and simple humming by K.O. here K.O. cant stop howling, screaming desperately amazing really its fun and we travelling to K.O's childhood adventure :) yaaaaayyyy i wanna howling too miss O!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ugly fish

i dont know it's unique quite ugly. God is an artist, we meet many part of universe curve seen beautiful-ugly, or less we say this fish so edgy. and what they're daily do? they're clean the glass pool.wooo how kind and lofty

my conclusion, they do ugly, they do worthy, they do anything you want to be :)
like me

yayayayy. ugly is the new prety

Friday, October 16, 2009

mr.squarepants on the cart

oh im so interupt with this cereal, i just walk, and dont wanna take a look my side. it is it. stand there above the light of my sin. hhh, not the cereal really, but who's can handle him? wayfarer lifeguard of its yellow's square

its cold inside giantmarket, and i hate you waiting in sickness. okay. hmm how about go home with me mr.square pants?its warm and delightful. dont talk too much (and i throw him to the cart) ouch.

welcome home sexy, u'll be like outside pineapple than inside. whatch out ur body ! and glasses also :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

joan jett and head bang

i think she's preety look alike joan jett in blonde hair. cute old toy, given by my mom, shake her head till the car was stoped. watch out big hole ! she's louder than blackhearts :) but she's not too punk, still she's hot

i dont know i love joan jett, hardly wait for the runaways movie !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

orchids house

stuck on the moment is always the reaction that comes every vw combie seen any shaped on the streets. um, feel like my blood wanna change ride to drive and go with the talent and board surfing above the sexy combie. This time, meet again on the road with vw combie, excite a very old school with a body that has been corroded and orchids in the graph surface. I simply open the car window wide-width side when its stoped besides, and lets bring his handsome paint to the page.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

TAAR @ istora

about a week sincethe all american reject tour in asia, come to istora senayan on august 17th. still in fact this very teenage band success surround-disturbing my day after. whether im into the bathroom or being at the wheel, still i mumbling their songs. waw, whereas already I was too long time enough forgotten open the track list again, and forget they are tolerable, about 2years rearward. but, this last concert successfully create my fingers hold fill all american reject any posts in the youtube search :)
This band is young, although it dont happend with all the band member(heheh, they're appearance totally change being mature) , just keep the spirit countagoiusly young, and the coquettish appearance on a concert this time, either Tyson's ability to make hysterical audience, or the guitarist which continues to to change the guitar, the band is positioned just as a solitary pleasure.

Friday, August 21, 2009

maruko's dad

after a month , people call me dad..
hahah, sounds like sumkind of clothing tagline, does it? hemm. yea, people people and world and universe and society from above, its hard to finally back on this site and start writing, but i wanna then my finger making it. :) after a month i leave this page, just like something left behind under my back.heheh.
this is sakura hiroshi, silly fathers of momoko sakura as chibi maruko chan i bring on the table
waw, so exciting. huhuuu but still sad, to remembering that i still leaving other member of family in the store because of the price. hemmm and still curious that the it momoko, cant find any store :'( but still trust, she's got her destiny with me .hemm, wait me chibiiii

still loving you dad, heheh,and for truth i tell u secretly, he really look alike my dad.sure :) cant stop smiling when my family look him and laugh above my father's pict.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Om Sylado dan Door Prize

banzai ! my one lucky day ! dihari yang teduh berteman daun2(sinetron episode:prolog). menghadiri ulang tahun MY cinema di GKI maulana yusuf. ada 3 film dokumenter anak bangsa yg bagus2. yang pertama soal jamu dilihat dari seksualitas, yang kedua tentang anak2 sekolah korban aceh, yang ketiga soal nasionalisme (hem.yaya). berangkat bersama kekasih yang membenci bioskop namun mencintai layar tancep (nggak kok, kita ga udik). duduklah kita menanti diskusi sehabis layar tancep bersama om Remy Sylado..(wow wow).harusnya ada 5film yg bakal diputer, dan sialnya film ke4 yang aku tungguin malah ga diputer karena keburu waktu(biasa ngaret..).padahal ceritanya soal masyarakat porsea di tapanuli utara, ini didorong rasa lokalisme porsea dekat tanah kelahiran di siantar (haha, majua jua do hita!)yasudahlah.
lalu di meja door prize ada buku-buku tebal karya remy sylado yang siap dibagi2kan gratis dengan menjawab pertanyaan. dengan tatapan yakin ala mario teguh aku berbisik pada si pacar,"aku mau buku yg paling tebel itu".haha.ternyata pertanyaan buat buku yang paling tebel susah2, lebih mirip soal ujian tes masuk sekolah sejarah. tapi si ari dengan semangat mencoba-coba melempar manggis, mangga kudapat.
Penanya : sebutkan klausul dalam tex biru yang diberikan pada Australia oleh Soekarno
Penonton : sok2 mikir, main2in kuku, sok2 nebak
ari : (angkat tangan) kalo ga salah ada impian-impiannya bukan?
Penanya : salah! (mengagetkan) itu judulnya, bukan kalimatnya
lalu tidak ada yg berhasil, maka pertanyaannya diganti..(yang nanya mirip helmi yahya)
Penanya : di dalam PKI terdapat sebuah gerakan atau kelompok kebudayaan yang tidak anti rakyat dan tidak anti revolusi?
Aul : hanya berdoa
Ari : saya-saya !!
Penanya : yak ! mas-mas dibelakang yang tidak berhasil menjawab tadi
Ari : LEKRA !
horeeeeeee.......dengan hati yang senang, hadiah buku puisi-puisi karya Remy Sylado jatuh ketanganku hahahhaha.padahal ke tangan ari, tapi dengan mata nanar dan muka kelinci aku berhasil mendapatkan bukunya. horeeeeee!!! BANZAI

ari bilang dia berhasil menjawab pertanyaan karena gemar bergaul dengan feransis yang kekiri-kirian.
lalu, om remy..minta ttd dong..weizzz ttd bo. kaya di buku diary om remy "numpang coret" di buku baru :)dan one of my fave poetry..setelah membuka-buka dan selalu kembali ke puisi yang ini


Maafkan orangtuamu. Memang
pikun jadi beban dalam kebebasan
asal ada kata peringatan : Kemerdekaan
bukan kembaran kesewenangan. Mengkopi
gaya Caligula jancukan. Tak Mati
dalam perangai segala kekuasaan
Olokkan kau boleh. Hinakan tak usah
sebab yang kau ingat dari bajumu
adalah kebiasaan leluhur. Jalan
orangtuamu mengikuti orangtuanya
Dan yang mencederai kita. Racun
ketika kebebasan menuntut lebih
dan anakmu meminumnya. Tak mati
dalam berlanjutnya sejarah malam
Bagaimana purnama kalah menyaingi
gelap. Anak yang lahir dari cinta
juga haram jadah. Terwaris jejak- jejak
tabiat kain di timur Eden.

Monday, July 6, 2009

sailor attack

finally finished the sewing project turqoise-pink cloth that has been so long silent in a corner room. last night after the determination and intent. then with a humility and sewing the barbarian way. this harlequin dress pretty transform like this into neverland uniform.

from the basic pattern sailor collar only a few expand a way to add length and width of the side and end of the collar more centimeter.

very basic collar patter (un-expanded)

This time, choose the form of plunging affected by sailormoon , especially silly character of usagi tsukino as moon princess , ive been thinkin yet to add luna (usagi's cat) brooch above this dress, but maybe later i will. hemm (dengan kekuatan bulaaan akan menghukummu !)

front side-back side-haapyy siidee

This collar can feel comfortable eager because change different style with ties. one that can be used in a long time without bored.heheh.hope so. than im ready to do my next sewing project...wish me luck fortunas!!! :D

makaroni spiral

segelintir pembicaraan darurat menunggu kuliah pagi,

gil : ul, pengen makaroni nih
aul : ih, nagih ya.. ada narkobanya kalee (err..narkobaaa)
(menuju kantin)
gil : bu..makaroni spiralnya duaa
aul : ih, spiral, beli makan beli KB sih gil
gil : ia ih, kaya KB
aul : gil yang aku banyak vetsinnya nih
gil : emang itu yang bikin nagih ul
aul : apaan di KB bikin nagih ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

maruko-chan box set

oh my lovely. This is the beginning of the perfect month. because after a while take a walk by seight seeing shopping in a very busy mother and mother fathers one hype trade centre. I find that unexpected toys. because I want it so long already, but the price is quite expensive in one of so wow capitalism mall toys store i've seen. I was plan to buy one by one each month because of the price. But than, in this perfect new month, I was finally directly to get 1 set with the cheaper price. wow. indeed make me a sound sleep hunting this
mojojojo (behind d'boxes) cant help himself to fall in love with pink chibi

exciting, very cool and stokes because this is a box set of Chibi 1 large box color is pink, there are 14 boxes more little. waw! . because of each box contains toys with small details and big effect looks good and really characterized. therefore I can not forbear to simulate bungee jumping. heheh.
complete figures

whether just take a nap or daily dreamer, yes , im sleep well now.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Performance art jeprut

hari kamis kemaren pulang dari dokter gigi yang bikin nyut2an dan uring2an. si ari ngajakin liat performance art di cigondewah (pake h).kepala udah berasa migren sebelah (yaialah migren cuma sebelah) jalan2 makin keliatan psikadelik, akhirnya menujulah ke cigondewah yang memakan waktu lumayan lama..soalnya ari baru pertama kali kesana, apalagi aku boro2 tau..taunya cuma pasar buat belanja kain murah grosir doang. sampailah kita di padepokan si kabayan alias tisna sanjaya. hari itu ari mau minjemin ampli, buat yang performance artnya itu..jadilah sampe sana kita langsung angkat2, trus oprek2 sebentar, mana si ari pake mimisan segala. ah euy. untung ga pingsan dia..emng panas bgt hari itu. trus datenglah si senimannya ngebawa alat musik yang entah apa itu namanya trus bantuin nyari2 kabel listrik buat ampli.

ehmm. ohia.kali ini pertunjukannya rada ga biasa..yaitu di TPS alias tempat pembuangan sampah cigondewah. jadilah kita masang ampli diatas si mas seniman gondrong yang rada mirip sujiwo tejo itu malah mondar mandir gapake sendal.apakah dia merasa debus?karena disitu byk beling. atau memang dia udah terlatih jadi kuda lumping. pas lagi cekson..(ceekksooonn) si seniman tiba2 ngeluarin alat yg mirip efek tapi versi heboh. pas dikasitau ari. wow owo. tenyata adalah jamman kaya g dipake imogen heap just for now..padahal si seniman tuh tampangnya sendal jepit abis..tapi seleranya maksimum. jadi itu alat bisa ngerekam segala suara dengan 90 atau 99 gitu ya?layer. wowoww. itu sih bisa bikin saykoji sendirian ahahha. asik bangetlah itu si mas. oia nama kelompoknya jeprut.

kemudian tibalah dia perform. asik bt emng alat2 si muka aneh ii..haha. diaorg perform ber2. si mas main musik..nah temen yang satu laginya treatikal gitu.hemm.kalo menurut aku sih lebih nu gelo mawa runtah (org gila bawa sampah- biasa diteriakin anak2 buat temennya yang dimusuhin-red).ahahha. abis itu org ngiketin sampah2 ke badannya trus ditempelin danger-danger yg byk. haha.dasar seniman.itu sampah makin banyak sampe dia berubah jadi monster sampah.trus ngacung2in tangan, dia kira dirinya patung selamat dateng.
pertunjukan yang noise bgt itu ( musik pertamanya kaya aneka digital safari) teror bgtlah bisa bunuh nyamuk yg le,wat atau mungkin mematikan cacing2 di bawah tumpukan sampah itu banyak ditontonin sama masyarakat setempat. dai ibu-ibu, bapa-bapa, dan hooyy dan remaja2 yang lagi kasmaran memanfaatkan acara buat bedua-duaan. sayangnya aku gabawa kamera, tapi maksa moto pake kamera beresolusi sekecil bakteri. jadi lumayan, hasil fotonya rada2 pixel nintendo gitu.

eh, malah sebelum mereka performance, aku malah sempet2nya foto nginjek ampli fender punya temen si ari itu. ahaha. kata ari fotonya garang. kata aku backgroundnya bagus, trus posenya gaul bgt ahahha. kesannya bisa main gitar gitu padahal cupu. yagapapalah. gaya dikit
heheh. all over sih acaranya bagus. dan baik bener..ibu2 RT itu emng baik2 bner. kaya akulah. :D