Monday, July 6, 2009

sailor attack

finally finished the sewing project turqoise-pink cloth that has been so long silent in a corner room. last night after the determination and intent. then with a humility and sewing the barbarian way. this harlequin dress pretty transform like this into neverland uniform.

from the basic pattern sailor collar only a few expand a way to add length and width of the side and end of the collar more centimeter.

very basic collar patter (un-expanded)

This time, choose the form of plunging affected by sailormoon , especially silly character of usagi tsukino as moon princess , ive been thinkin yet to add luna (usagi's cat) brooch above this dress, but maybe later i will. hemm (dengan kekuatan bulaaan akan menghukummu !)

front side-back side-haapyy siidee

This collar can feel comfortable eager because change different style with ties. one that can be used in a long time without bored.heheh.hope so. than im ready to do my next sewing project...wish me luck fortunas!!! :D

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