Sunday, July 5, 2009

maruko-chan box set

oh my lovely. This is the beginning of the perfect month. because after a while take a walk by seight seeing shopping in a very busy mother and mother fathers one hype trade centre. I find that unexpected toys. because I want it so long already, but the price is quite expensive in one of so wow capitalism mall toys store i've seen. I was plan to buy one by one each month because of the price. But than, in this perfect new month, I was finally directly to get 1 set with the cheaper price. wow. indeed make me a sound sleep hunting this
mojojojo (behind d'boxes) cant help himself to fall in love with pink chibi

exciting, very cool and stokes because this is a box set of Chibi 1 large box color is pink, there are 14 boxes more little. waw! . because of each box contains toys with small details and big effect looks good and really characterized. therefore I can not forbear to simulate bungee jumping. heheh.
complete figures

whether just take a nap or daily dreamer, yes , im sleep well now.


Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

aku suka banget ama foto yg terakhirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............................

Aulia Fitrisari said...

hmm jadi ingin bobo bobo siang.
naaa ayo maen barbie ke rumah aul! duh , si maruko emng bikin tidur nyenyak. gemeeesss.ah euy.ahahha

starstwinking said...

wooghh, Aull..
lucu banget marukocan nyaa..