Monday, June 29, 2009

A coxinha do bachan do lovefoxxx

I currently see a page view to eventually find a youtube video lovefoxxx that this is really the maximum. huahahah. I know because of late cooking hobby (hemm ari is actually doing) or because I really intend to check the video lovexxx items such as a stalker :p
I adore this guys, css and if you like css then you will be like lovefoxxx , as a public figure as if she doesnt care about her hair or her bulging stomach disordered (buahahah, sorry lovefoxxx, but u've got Simon to made ur day than all skinny bitch, hemm looks nothing to worry to make it great ). lovefoxxx born and fuck like bjork and Karen O in a single body. (hemm kasar ih) haha also may, there is no intention to compare. he is too lovable, compared to-compare. like other people doin to people (yaa i doin yet)
it may cheating if I was honestly giving more attention to the vocalist of this css than other band members, that it is difficult to avoided that the vocalist is palpable considered the most gain attention in the world of band (except ahmad dani perhaps, hooekkk)
but let it be, lovefoxxx really interesting.
but for this video, charm of 2 other members of the css can not be avoided, the strange behaviour and un-understand-ed language(someone please translate this language-Brazilian Alien) cant help my eyes from monitor, and really inspired to make some coxxx. :) anyone?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

kangkung cah jamur-udang-cumi

You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.
akhir-akhir ini sering ngedenger orang2 terserang insomnia gtu. insomnia apa sih? kenal tuh sama insomnia..temanku bantal yg empuk, dan kalau kata karl marx agama candu masyarakat, menurut aku selimut candu masyarakat.aha.karena orang2 menganggap mereka mengidap penyakit insomnia, yang kalo kata aku cuma sugesti doang. ada baiknya dibeberkan rahasia bebas dr insomnia. tips pertama, jgn takut makan lebih dari jam 7 malam..karenanya aku ga pernah insomnia, jam 12 jg aku masih ngemil. tips kedua, tanyakan pada chef ari bgaimana cara bikin kangkung cah jamur-cumi-udang (hmm)soalnya kangkung bikin tidur nyenyak bgt. tips ketiga, ulangi tips pertama... :)
jamur mario bross.bawang merah-putih tanda nasionalis tinggi.kangkung eyang.
cumi dipotongpotong segitiga.udang dibuang otaknya.bumbu tumis.tomat.apa ajalah masukin.bebas.

ohya. secondary recipe , adalah serba tepungin apa yg bisa di tepungin...jamur-udang-
cumi-bayi cumi-telor cumi-kepala cumi-apa aja oke oke

selanjutnya biarkan kekuatan alam bekerja.aku duduk bengong sambil baca mantra.and for next next next.tau sendirilah cara numis.masukin bumbu tumis, trus masukin semuanya.jgn lupa yg goreng tepung, tinggal masukkin ke penggorengannya.gampang kan?gampang gitu.err,gampang !yeii.trus tiba-tia makanannya udah jd gitu aja, wowo.hebat ya.padahal aku cuma berdoa.segitu sayangnya Tuhan sama hambanya yang pendiam ini (berdiam diri terpaku di kursi-red-)haha.malam2 kelaparan yang bermaksud jd rachel rays.tapi akhirnya duduk rapih di kursi abis bersihin cumi, udang sama nepungin yang lainnya.tapi bener kok.bkn bermaksud ga bantuin kalo akhirnya ari yang melantai (melantaaaiii), yang judul awalnya masakin malah jd dimasakin.
but, still lets the party begin after a hard day and ended up on ur blanket on time ^_^b

Thursday, June 25, 2009

chocolate bar necklace

a lot of inspiration incoming my head when I try to arrange beads of this necklace 3 days ago. This is the third result after 2 previous pairs apart because I really did not seem satisfied with them. so this necklace .gold chocolate bar that is in the eye when I first fell in love in the form of each part. but after I take a picture earlier this necklace, there are other ideas that enter into my imagination. hemm, forms may be similar to tetris, yaa part of tetris games ! then this necklace may be suitable for gamers and digital voice devotee electric.haha pliss euy.
but after the long note, transformed back of a check "contreng" sign for the presidential election.yaya, try connecting with the contemporary issue of global ideas is the very latest soo political .hahah. but anyway this necklace will change the form of goods or the like,
since skill without imaginationis craftmanship and give us many useful object such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.
this what u need to make it comes :

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dual system felt

HEYYY DARRLL..its been a week.. yerr, a couple of week i tot, im not post my blog since ive happily trip to many little town around Bandung for 3days, Cianjur, Ciwidey and Garut hmm. and now on, im in wonderful good mood to post something i liked on my page gaiinnn. ya, what im liking to?making something flattering my eyes ,my hand and my brain also. crafting please..
its about a long long day and hard week im not pushing my hand doing something again, and for the reason of summer, i was like"ur not productive, what ure doin 21 old girls..making something please, yayaya..the beginning is always today". ok, its all because merciful deep of my heart (hahah) i'll share you what i made about 3months ago (hemm, seems im not ready making somethin nowadays fuhh..i post my old project.
heheh,dont worry may its verry useful thing to wear for 3days different clothes, im gonna leave you pattern of my felt project.these back and forth felt brooch, just sew it simple, patch by safety's the pattern mix with my favorite simply useful black loose (its very easy to sew ownself)

for my fave front, i pick blue owl (OvO) kukuk..kuku..

just flip it and rotate , wiinkkk ! u have a new shirt with new red monster, feet becoming horn, horn becoming feet..hemm

hah .i actually made this one about 3years ago, therefore the design quite trendy bleeding eye.
hahah. very gothic when i adore japanese lolita much.

still with my fave loose. black and useful, u may have this one for travelling , easy to sew (made with ur basic top pattern with basic lump on chest) easy to match,comes everything easier with ur magicly lovely hand :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

strawberry meets orange and cheese

hulla pops ! everyday seems tiring nowadays. climate change making shiny bright sun burning my head a lot,before suddenly rain drops falling above my black hair which still feeling hot by those sunshine about minutes. Then here we are, ended on the kitchen after back walking from "oh no, i cant buy that book so expensive"book store.
wink..we'll made super yoghurt strawberry meet orange jelly cheese and milk soda cheese strawberry (well, tiring name, ahah, the second actually just unused substance frm the first)
then again again..all u need are strawberry yoghurt and ice strawberry yoghurt,cheese ,orange jelly and of course your partner ( having ari to mixing all ice so my hands free for capt all pict ahahahh im the masterrr ), uh oh..also dont forget u need looovveee ;D

wash ur hands also strawberry first, and how to made it? just mixing all in one blender, push ur blender button on (like kak nunu said..tekan tutsnya dan mainkan..kaakk nunuuu...) how magic the blender is

also watch out your sparkling glance of your partner before his ripped the plastic from your freezer by his own teeth. hah..but time to made bizzare think to help him ripped it off before coming worse

but u've got trouble if you had him..look ! what dirty his behaviour try to wasting those ice alone if im not watch. put ur lips on blender isnt good idea considering other people wanna taste it

Finally his got me helping :p yay i can made it ! im the chef, and its not my very first time blow this happened..hahah, its not curse, look how beautiful colours my strawberry orange cheese, you'll get no mope if taking just one..(at least two of my hand made it, may causing ur mad)

adding soda water to your next recipe..we're not plan it, just looking around that still so much rest of strawberry , fresh milk , and soda, so we do pour it again inside. when we taste it not good enough, adding sugar and cheese are sensible :p too yum yum about some ice on your best day ever? you would surely hard to ignore,
and so lucky u've got hippies flower and bear head on your cup.

taste was delicious yummy !and if you doesnt think they are , or yoghurt isnt best either, but what is best is what we saved for last, the one sure-fire thing to make your best day ever the best day ever . yess man still accompanying. perfect jelly burst !

Friday, June 12, 2009

Im owner of this

"I never feel age , if you have creative work , you dont have age or time"
Louise Nevelson (1900-1988)

yaayy. gambar tempel yang aku foto dari lemari dikamar depan tempat tidur.hemm. karena pengaruh the secret maka kemampuan berusaha memvisualisasikan setiap mimpi jadi menggebu2.jadilah artikel dr salah satu majalah ini aku cutting dengan pinggiran tak rapih ala kertas ujian bungkus gorengan emang bala2, dan edit paksa judul artikel. kalo ketauan mungkin aku bisa di-prita-kan..dianggap membajak suatu karya dan mengakui kepemilikannya dikenakan pasal pasal dengan tindak pidana 6 tahun penjara (ampun bang).

aku mau ini ! aku mau dan akan (kata the secret cara ini berhasil) punya creative center beberapa tahun lagi (kata the secret hrs dirinci waktunya). mungkin gausah design juga ya..yg penting apa ajalah yg memanusiakan manusia, kaya kata dosen filsafat ilmu yang ganteng amat. tapi suer deh. pengen bgt punya tempat yg bisa jd public space buat semua orang (yaealah namanya jg publik) underlines everyone!
bkn cuma wadah komunitas yang menampung orang2
yang memang berkecimpung di dunia kreatif sahaaja..(designer,artist.. etc) bukan hanya yang jago, bkn hanya creative entrepreneur seperti kata banyak seminar dan bkn hanya yg eksis sendiri , but also orang2 biasaaaa (aku ! aku!!) yang suka mengamati keindahan alam (pawang hujan), yang suka menggambar smile di sudut kiri sebelah atas catatan kuliahnya, yang nyoret2 ariel love luna di bawah pasupati pake tipe x, yang lulus kuliah 3setengah tahun dari fakultas politik tapi lebih suka jadi hippies menggambar bunga kuning di combie pink-nya.siapa aja! pokoknya pgn bgt punya creative comunity center yang catch all kaya' partai demokrat(hahah SARA). tempat berbagi ide ,tempat cari teman, jodoh,makan, tidur , wess apa ajalah asal semuanya sama2 sayang tp sama2 berkonflik juga (aw romantis).

art is making something out of nothing. its the very basic of human instinc.
karena menurut the secret keinginannya kudu di ceritain sedetail mungkin
agar alam menerima signal2 elektromagnet dari radio aktif yang kita pancarkan dr pikiran (yaya..ngerti pisan teorinya) maka dengan segala kerendahan hati..aku bakal ngebangun space yg ada ini ada itu ada ini ada itu .. berharap ada korelasi positif antara pikiran dengan alam..bekerjalah law of attraction ....

1. ada aula kosong (emm..garasi bagus jg sih, tp rumput lbh okeee!!!) buat panggung yaa semacam a gig to be gigle lah..yang berikut ini adalah asik amat..

tempat yang tentunya menimbulkan semangat DIY, like our friends from, wahaha org bule ternyata sama anehnya, bikin konser pake poster yang di spidol.. emangnya kotretan (kotreetaaann) kotret2

2. ada perpustakaan pastinya, kata mamah buku itu sumber ilmu, lebih baik baca buku yg banyak daripada pagi2 nonton dahsyat.mem mem mem memble..

3.bioskoopp menn.bukan bukan robokop, namun
nema..aha.kecil aja sih, abis nonton diskusi, atau sambil nonton ketawa2, jangan jaim2an, jangan pegang2an yang lain2 bahaya, bisa nonton yess man sepuaspuasnya

4. ada cafe doongg heeelloooo..harusnya ini no 1, jualannya jangan mahal2, tapi amazing ding delicious dan nagih, jadi sedikit2 juga yang beli banyak ahahah semacam comparative advantages theory-nya david ricardolah

5.ruang serba guna..bisa buat pertemuan, jait baju (ya!ya!) , main uno , gitar-gitaran, ngerjain tugas , apa ajalah namanya juga ruang serba guna, asal jangan pipis di karpet hii jorok !

hemm apalagi ya bingung.ah udah cukup mungkin tp ntar ditambahin lg ah..kira2 semesta bingung ga ya sama kepengen2nan ini, semoga signal yang aku kirim ke semesta terkirim dengan berhasil
haakk heeuupp hiaattt yaakk ciiaattt ( mode adegan episode 3 wiro sableng ketika bidadari angin timur berkelahi dengan sinto gendeng) hiaattt .. message delivered. horrreeee. tinggal tunggu balesan bntar lg :)
hemm deg2an kaya nunggu balesan sms pacar. aw. aw. aw. tahun2 penantian punya yang beginian ahh.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how to destroy ur wall's room with scary face

heyoo..dont waste ur lazy vacation with sleep all day. i have an alternative to kill ur time and u've got bonuses by remake ur bored wall's room with this chaos new wall ! enjoy

ayaya.. provide ur war's equipment ! i have 5 colours basic paint to mixed, paintbrush, newspaper paper to dont let ur floor being painted too, tissue to clean ur hand from paint sweeping ur sweat maybe..ehmm tissue or napkin really works for this job !

first u need to concepting whats looks will you need on ur wall. sketch and compare picture from ur own ilustration, u can draw ur face, ur sister face, monster face, ur annoying neighbour face, event if u can draw manohara face or bjork face in one packaging! its all urs !

ok go ! sketch ur illustration using ur design or just close ur first design book and feel free to sketch another picture from ur spontanly imagination. im actually not paint what first i draw on my book, and feels better. Ya! having a help by asking ur room's partner (i have my sist!) not just asking i though, but forcing to help u to bold the pencil's line from ur illustration and make it finished faster. and theeennn continuing ur painting by coloured that illustration while ur sist leave u to practise her gymnastic class (aha!)

tips from me, dont be serious when ur paint, take a deep breath for a while and take a deep heart's pose with ur partner..yeaa! im taking poses and let tripod doing it for me with my sist whose helping me again after back from her gymnastic class.

yaya lets doin again, its not well finished. actually this is off the cuff colours of the painting, im originally adding various colour by not mentioned it, just pick available paint and add on add on add on.well, this is what happend when ur not concepting about something, u'll get abstract result, it can be unpredictable wow, or it can be unpredictable eeeuuuuuwww.we'll see what's mine :p

horray its done, dont forget again to take a pose after finish painting. dont we look alike
two girls above (puh-leassseee, im trying , em well.. nice try) ahahah

finally take a pose again .ehm like we nvr forget to (ahaha, the less we do working the more we taking poses) with sarmento hat and cool face..rrr.ahaha. yea i know its not a master! lil bit failed to paint more stunning than this awkwards..but this is too good to get away one and more mouse and mosquitos from ur bedroom.. try it ! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Obviously watch !

its comedy, its a is all about. what if ur life dramatically changing with one word? Yes ! and its really happened to Carl , most boring, heartbreaker, sucks attitude..finally join like mario teguh's golden way seminar (yeah..that guy look alike, half skin head and those spirit from eyes, hahahhaahh) after forcing by his crazy friend ,and his life was changing..hemm how? he just never said no to chance coming ahead. i wish i can.than i would like to join taking all risk in life than taking regular.

i like carl (played by jim carrey the one and only yes man ! yes man ! yes man !) but im in love with allison (character played by zooey deschanel) come those girl being so cool? first she come with cute big eyes helmet and happy smile, then she showing rawks performance in lil'bar, i heart the scene which she pretending blind with her eyes covered by silk cloth in very first two three go..its Munchausen by proxy, the band named. i know now, how carl so easy fallin in love with these girl.

and the last but not least i took an amazement with allison, is her unpredictable job. ya, she's working as photography instructure. no no, not that job u was thinking of, not that studio, lighting, super skinny model, busy schedule, arrogant life. not only photografer, but also running photografer.yeaa really ! isnt it cool? ehm, actually, isnt it a JOB? i would like wasting my life to work if its true :D
like allison said ,
"I know our music isn't that mainstream — I love doing it. It's like my photography. I know there isn't that much demand for blurry photographs taken while running — but ... you know, who cares? The world's a playground! You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it"
then fully thanks and smile and hug to Danny Wallace,author of the book named same, yes man and the real carl in the real life, yup, this movie based on the true story, and also thanks to Peyton Reed for directing every scenes that makes allison comes up in my tv's monitor and making my day ! ayayayay


Sunday, June 7, 2009

plan turqoise

plan painted. show how regret am i to destroying my illustration :p and if i draw it with colour, i'll take black for the biker vest and shocking pink skirt with black cross stitch. also white socks and black preppy shoes. bah.

turqoise cape with pink light. i dont know when i like turqoise pretty much, since using my herbal essences shampoo and my big fat friend's vespa painted with those herbal essences look. i hope i can be better in adding colour and put a shadow in my illustration. i know its not good enough but im trying.for this one im not really serious .hmm.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wow my bow

Miringbow wow

Im dying stuck on my room while rainy outside, tomorrow i must be at the college again at 7am morning sick ! as i know myself well as laziest girl at the planet im not giving exception for my bed time. But im wonderfully bored after whole day take a walk to lace store in this sunny afternoon. alone. well, see what i'll do for laugh myself now after day was ended.
im trying to made a pretty yet weird bow bun in my hair, got an experiment on my own head and apparently shown by lady gaga.hahaha.yerr. im not really like her actualy and cant making judgement by her music than support with her atittude but i love bow :D
the thing seen everlast from your baby blanket , kindergarten's uniform, pattern in your shirt , through my nanny's bag.hemm, really interesting to know this bow suddenly happened in your head not by silk or satin ribbon, but by my haiiirrr ..part of my body given by the most lovable's.. My Lord .thanks God ^^

it's messy, isnt it?

hahaha see im not "take a bow"