Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how to destroy ur wall's room with scary face

heyoo..dont waste ur lazy vacation with sleep all day. i have an alternative to kill ur time and u've got bonuses by remake ur bored wall's room with this chaos new wall ! enjoy

ayaya.. provide ur war's equipment ! i have 5 colours basic paint to mixed, paintbrush, newspaper paper to dont let ur floor being painted too, tissue to clean ur hand from paint sweeping ur sweat maybe..ehmm tissue or napkin really works for this job !

first u need to concepting whats looks will you need on ur wall. sketch and compare picture from ur own ilustration, u can draw ur face, ur sister face, monster face, ur annoying neighbour face, event if u can draw manohara face or bjork face in one packaging! its all urs !

ok go ! sketch ur illustration using ur design or just close ur first design book and feel free to sketch another picture from ur spontanly imagination. im actually not paint what first i draw on my book, and feels better. Ya! having a help by asking ur room's partner (i have my sist!) not just asking i though, but forcing to help u to bold the pencil's line from ur illustration and make it finished faster. and theeennn continuing ur painting by coloured that illustration while ur sist leave u to practise her gymnastic class (aha!)

tips from me, dont be serious when ur paint, take a deep breath for a while and take a deep heart's pose with ur partner..yeaa! im taking poses and let tripod doing it for me with my sist whose helping me again after back from her gymnastic class.

yaya lets doin again, its not well finished. actually this is off the cuff colours of the painting, im originally adding various colour by not mentioned it, just pick available paint and add on add on add on.well, this is what happend when ur not concepting about something, u'll get abstract result, it can be unpredictable wow, or it can be unpredictable eeeuuuuuwww.we'll see what's mine :p

horray its done, dont forget again to take a pose after finish painting. dont we look alike
two girls above (puh-leassseee, im trying , em well.. nice try) ahahah

finally take a pose again .ehm like we nvr forget to (ahaha, the less we do working the more we taking poses) with sarmento hat and cool face..rrr.ahaha. yea i know its not a master! lil bit failed to paint more stunning than this awkwards..but this is too good to get away one and more mouse and mosquitos from ur bedroom.. try it ! :)

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Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

yah, aku dimarahin kali kalo nyoret2 tembok kaya gini.hahahhaha.
tp oke ul, aktivitas kamu oke2 lah ul.. ahha. bagi2 tips dong sama pengangguran kaya aku. wawaw