Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a new hallo from may

its been too long since my last updates, and i feel like missin personal"curhat"on this blog again! Since the very first of January many good things comes to my life, especially im now officially doing styling job in one of weekly woman magazine in Jakarta :D still learn, but work it hard!
See?!? since i missin this blog much, i found no hard way to write so fast :) bijou-bijou cherie!
then from this very mid of beautiful May, im gonna tell a story again i promises! (know that i already told you the same on January :p always finger cross so tight)

i give you my current playlist now! ya! im watching on Gaga since my most influencing darling gimme Gaga on Vogue and Gaga's interview with Google.
She's just like mainstream genius, a leftish who speak loud. then i found this adorable young boy dancing of Judas :) epic! xxxxxxAF (have got this AF initial as my"nama pena").

again xAF