Monday, November 30, 2009


I dont see what anyone can see in anyone else ,
but you.

fall in love with the killer machine

say hi to bruce lee wanna be

burn baby burn

it could be as cool as this ninja
why bawdy look pretty painful?ouch
reminds me of samurai x, and maybe a little Ninja Hatori

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sailor uniform

about 2 weeks ago, my college held a hearing in order to simulate the practice of diplomacy courses. not the court that I will tell ya because I have absolutely no interest in it :p but our uniforms. because with so much fun, ladies members of our delegation using sailor uniform that sewn by me <3>
I am also not really aware that Im back to sew sailor model for the second time, maybe my subconscious was hoping Prince Mamoru aka tuxedo mask actually came with red roses and wondering that he really found his usagi tsukino.
lenny and me as chibimoon and sailormoon :D
yaaaiiiyy so much love, when what you've did, appreciated by someone else :)

zoom in zoom in the collar beibiii

The most exhausting was the pattern-making process, because the size of the body that is completely different from lenny (s), me (m) and nana (l) actually requires me to measure and create 3 different patterns for all three

here we are the delegation of moon will punish you ! (akan menghukummu-red)

eh, btw this is the making process..happily share with you the mess moment :ptransfer pattern into fabric

this is not yet finished, but very guilty that nana's size put on chair as sarong(bwahahah, pissss nana)

I stitched 3 of them for 5 days in a hurry, because the bad habit of delaying the work so that, til the time i realized it must be finished well, my eyes should extraordinary sleepy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

live in caravan

someday i will live in caravan

beat the sunrise and i would go dance with my journey.
pushed it away with my own hands.
asleep inside and snoring hard. transit in front of hawaii shoreline,
then may be frightened that the water will tide.
moved to pasture fields, running with loved ones.
jostle with the beloved.