Monday, June 29, 2009

A coxinha do bachan do lovefoxxx

I currently see a page view to eventually find a youtube video lovefoxxx that this is really the maximum. huahahah. I know because of late cooking hobby (hemm ari is actually doing) or because I really intend to check the video lovexxx items such as a stalker :p
I adore this guys, css and if you like css then you will be like lovefoxxx , as a public figure as if she doesnt care about her hair or her bulging stomach disordered (buahahah, sorry lovefoxxx, but u've got Simon to made ur day than all skinny bitch, hemm looks nothing to worry to make it great ). lovefoxxx born and fuck like bjork and Karen O in a single body. (hemm kasar ih) haha also may, there is no intention to compare. he is too lovable, compared to-compare. like other people doin to people (yaa i doin yet)
it may cheating if I was honestly giving more attention to the vocalist of this css than other band members, that it is difficult to avoided that the vocalist is palpable considered the most gain attention in the world of band (except ahmad dani perhaps, hooekkk)
but let it be, lovefoxxx really interesting.
but for this video, charm of 2 other members of the css can not be avoided, the strange behaviour and un-understand-ed language(someone please translate this language-Brazilian Alien) cant help my eyes from monitor, and really inspired to make some coxxx. :) anyone?

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