Monday, June 15, 2009

strawberry meets orange and cheese

hulla pops ! everyday seems tiring nowadays. climate change making shiny bright sun burning my head a lot,before suddenly rain drops falling above my black hair which still feeling hot by those sunshine about minutes. Then here we are, ended on the kitchen after back walking from "oh no, i cant buy that book so expensive"book store.
wink..we'll made super yoghurt strawberry meet orange jelly cheese and milk soda cheese strawberry (well, tiring name, ahah, the second actually just unused substance frm the first)
then again again..all u need are strawberry yoghurt and ice strawberry yoghurt,cheese ,orange jelly and of course your partner ( having ari to mixing all ice so my hands free for capt all pict ahahahh im the masterrr ), uh oh..also dont forget u need looovveee ;D

wash ur hands also strawberry first, and how to made it? just mixing all in one blender, push ur blender button on (like kak nunu said..tekan tutsnya dan mainkan..kaakk nunuuu...) how magic the blender is

also watch out your sparkling glance of your partner before his ripped the plastic from your freezer by his own teeth. hah..but time to made bizzare think to help him ripped it off before coming worse

but u've got trouble if you had him..look ! what dirty his behaviour try to wasting those ice alone if im not watch. put ur lips on blender isnt good idea considering other people wanna taste it

Finally his got me helping :p yay i can made it ! im the chef, and its not my very first time blow this happened..hahah, its not curse, look how beautiful colours my strawberry orange cheese, you'll get no mope if taking just one..(at least two of my hand made it, may causing ur mad)

adding soda water to your next recipe..we're not plan it, just looking around that still so much rest of strawberry , fresh milk , and soda, so we do pour it again inside. when we taste it not good enough, adding sugar and cheese are sensible :p too yum yum about some ice on your best day ever? you would surely hard to ignore,
and so lucky u've got hippies flower and bear head on your cup.

taste was delicious yummy !and if you doesnt think they are , or yoghurt isnt best either, but what is best is what we saved for last, the one sure-fire thing to make your best day ever the best day ever . yess man still accompanying. perfect jelly burst !


dheaditya's said...

kinda cool if what you've done with ur strawberry

if i may give those yummy cocktail..
what would be the best is sweetkissessouceofstrawberry

ribet deh ah si dhea ni.

seems that u were gaining ur creativity recently

and that's enjoyable to be seen!


dheaditya's said...


Kinda cool OF what you've done with your straw...

Aulia Fitrisari said...

HAHA NICE REVISE dhejih, u made me rmember mas ari for MPS,REVISI AHAHAH

ada yg mirip gtu trnyata sm resep ini, menu di rumah moyang namanya amore tp gapake yghrt dan jelly, strawberry cheese juice doang, ttp enakan yg aku.ahah
i'll give for ur brthday ! :D

Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

ih aul.. enak gtu ul? yogurt pake keju? aw.. ga kebayang.. tp pengen coba.. bikinin lah ul..

tp ini aktifitas teroke nih..
ahhhhhhhhh, pengen nyoba bikin2an kaya gini ahh jadinyaaa...