Sunday, October 18, 2009

where the wild things are ost

One! Two! Ready, GO!
really fun listen to where the wild things are ost, :) big thanks to miss.O whose weird things are woman :D Karen O the cool one i love ! from yeahyeahyeahs
all songs here suggested to listening, also the debut digital single 'All Is Love' sound like a choir of kids are singing along and to a degree, they are. The band on the album is billed as Karen O and the Kids. From the storybook named same, where the wild things are, MOTION PICTURE IN THEATERS OCTOBER 16 hardly waiting to indonesia :) and its hard to stoppin me smiling while listening this ost :)
The songs on this soundtrack vary widely in tone and style. Some songs feature acoustic guitar and simple humming by K.O. here K.O. cant stop howling, screaming desperately amazing really its fun and we travelling to K.O's childhood adventure :) yaaaaayyyy i wanna howling too miss O!!!

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