Saturday, August 22, 2009

TAAR @ istora

about a week sincethe all american reject tour in asia, come to istora senayan on august 17th. still in fact this very teenage band success surround-disturbing my day after. whether im into the bathroom or being at the wheel, still i mumbling their songs. waw, whereas already I was too long time enough forgotten open the track list again, and forget they are tolerable, about 2years rearward. but, this last concert successfully create my fingers hold fill all american reject any posts in the youtube search :)
This band is young, although it dont happend with all the band member(heheh, they're appearance totally change being mature) , just keep the spirit countagoiusly young, and the coquettish appearance on a concert this time, either Tyson's ability to make hysterical audience, or the guitarist which continues to to change the guitar, the band is positioned just as a solitary pleasure.

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