Friday, February 26, 2010

i need a new one

GRRRRRRR. i feel a bit dissapointed rite now! what happened again with her? :'( tears baby tears. the sewing machine didnt work properly when i need it badly. i've making the pattern and imagine what it'll be look. then when i hit the pedal.. gregregregreggggggggg. seems needle doesnt move the way it used to grrrrrrrgggegegeggegegge. i tried to fix it myself, refer to suggestion from Pak Tama the mechanic of this beloved sewing machine, he said "oiled the wheels so that the engine lighter" but nothing after, zzzzz.
from my detective intuition i feel even from the engine seemed to strike because the wheels oiled too much at the last time i used this sewing machine , the the oil hardens and makes a sticky tires wheels. ggggg i dont understand sir!
maybe im wrong smearing oil, maybe its glu.hhh whatsoever!

anyone give me a new sewing machine? when its girl ill makes you my best friend, and when its boy ill makes you .... generous man of the month .H A H A .

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Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

iyaa dehhhh yang tukang jait...