Sunday, May 17, 2009

smelly sneakers and pink boots convo

bulb. my heart goes shake

fashion junk : Could you give me directions to happily ever after land?
miss.sunshine : yerr, sorry but who are you?
fashion junk : I'm no one just the most adorable person in every well done magazine
miss.sunshine : maybe we will ended on different station
fashion junk : i dont understand, but we stand on same terminal rite now
miss sunshine : yea, but we bought different ticket, dont you understand
fashion junk : so, do you ended on happily ever after land miss?
miss.sunshine : i dont know , but bright people ended everywhere
fashion junk : But in happily ever after land you couldnt show your smelly sneakers, i dont wanting it happened with my boots
miss.sunshine : stranger, do you really care with what i wore?
fashion junk : No, but i actually care with mostly people talked about my fabulous boots
miss.sunshine : but im actually not even care with people act like bullshit pink boots like you
fashion junk : em..sorry
miss.sunshine : happily ever after land in next station i thought, if you interest to go there be sure take off all ur weapon of mass consumption


dheaditya's said...

poor fashion junk yes?
i suggest u to persuade her to go with miss sunshine because it seems much fun(ner) than she ever thought she could be.


Aulia Fitrisari said...

ya, people tend to become what people almost said, than doin something more interesting, she never goin to anywhere but stay i thought. heuheuheu..